5-27 PC to require student COVID-19 vaccination

Dear Providence College Students, Parents, and Guardians,

After a period of deliberate consideration, we have decided to require full-time undergraduate and graduate students to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to attend Providence College in the fall. 

Please visit this FAQ page for more information

My colleagues and I have spent weeks weighing various considerations, discussing this matter with state health department officials, members of our own faculty and staff who have relevant expertise, and leaders of other colleges and universities in Rhode Island and beyond. We have also considered all of the input we have received from parents, students, and others who have taken the time to provide perspectives on this critical issue.

We made this decision by returning to the core principles that have guided our decision-making since the pandemic began more than a year ago. Our first imperative is to protect the health and safety of all those in our community, closely followed by our commitment to providing – to the greatest extent possible – the full academic and community Providence College experience to our students.

Science has given us, by the grace of God, the vaccines that make it possible for us to achieve both those goals. With our students vaccinated, we will be able to return to on-campus living and learning much like it was before the pandemic.

As with all required vaccinations, we will consider exemption requests made on medical or religious grounds. The Division of Student Affairs will follow up with more details on that process in the coming weeks.

After last week’s beautiful commencement ceremonies, and with a growing sense of hope all around us, our community is brimming with optimism for what is to come. I will be forever grateful for the students, faculty, staff, and families whose determination and commitment have seen us through these past 15 months and are finding their patience rewarded. The trademark Providence College spirit is alive and well, and it is a wonderful thing to behold.

I offer each of you my best wishes for a blessed and joyful summer.


Rev. Kenneth R. Sicard, O.P. ’78 & ’82G

College President