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9-15-20 Urgent Message to Off-Campus Students

Dear Off-Campus/Hybrid Housing Students,

We have received reports of students who have tested for COVID-19 tests on their own, at off-campus facilities. Some of these results have been reported to the College by the Rhode Island Department of Health; others have been self-reported. 

In addition, we have seen some positive test results from our own surveillance testing of off-campus students.

Because of serious concerns about viral spread, all students who reside off campus are now in isolation or quarantine. This will remain in effect until further notice, and during this time you should participate in your classes remotely. 

If you have tested positive at an off-campus site, it is critical that you notify Kathy Kelleher at the Student Health Center ( by emailing a screen shot or photo of the test result and your cell phone number immediately. You should isolate and stay in your room – away from others — until you hear from her.

All off-campus students, excluding those who have tested positive or are currently under quarantine at their permanent home, are required to report to the College’s testing center in Peterson Recreation Center between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 16. This applies even if you received a negative result from an off-campus test.

Quarantine is suspended only for the time it takes to come to campus, get tested, and return to your off-campus residence.

Please help us manage the coronavirus in our community by providing this information and complying with these directives. Without that cooperation, we are unable to take steps to protect you and those around you.

Let’s keep working together to do all we can to keep our community safe!

Thank you,

Steven A. Sears, Ed.D., MBA

Interim Vice President for Student Affairs

Dean of Students